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Durham FM Association Inc.

Durham FM Association

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Topics Covered - see left and below
- Introduction to the DFMA
- Officers (current and some history)
- The DFMA Lid

About the DFMA

Introduction to the DFMA

The Durham FM Association (DFMA) is an amateur radio club centered in Durham with members from all over the Triangle Area. It was founded in 1971 and is particularly noted for its repeaters, located on TV Hill in northern Durham, at a site near the intersection of I85 and I40 near Hillsborough and on the VA Hospital in Durham. However, members are involved in all aspects of amateur radio including HF (also called short-wave radio by the public) communications around the world and emergency communications.

Every spring, the DFMA runs DurHamFest. This annual swapfest and social get-together has a long tradition and is held at the Durham Public Schools Staff Development Center, just north of I85 in Durham on Hillandale Road. Hamfests have a long history in amateur radio and provide amateur radio operators (or hams) a chance to stock up on electronic supplies and equipment and to meet fellow hams from the region.

Amateur radio has long been providing emergency communications in disasters and other emergencies. The skills to be effective in such emergencies come from preparation and practice. Each ham takes personal responsibility for equipment that he/she can use in emergencies. Practice includes participation in Nets (effectively on-the-air meetings), providing communications or back-up communications for public service events, and participating in simulated emergency events. The DFMA maintains a Mobile Communications Unit (MCU) which is designed to support free-standing emergency communications.

Field Day is a nationwide amateur radio exercise held on the fourth full weekend in June. As often as not, organizations set up communications gear in a field and for a 24 hour period try to make radio contact with other stations across the country. This year the DFMA is again joining the Orange County Radio Amateurs (OCRA) for a joint Field Day operation.

Meetings The DFMA meets on the first Tuesday of the Month at 6:00pm for dinner (optional) and 7:00pm for the meeting and an interesting program. The meeting is held in a private room of Bullock's BBQ in Durham and its extensive menu should meet all tastes. (Since Bullock's is closed two weeks in July, alternate arrangements are made that month.)

Membership Dues for membership in the DFMA are $12 per year. Initial dues are prorated for the number of months remaining in the year. Additional family members living at the same address can join for $6 per year. A monthly newsletter is emailed to all active members. Newly licensed hams are invited to sign up for a FREE membership that expires with the first anniversary of their licensing.

DFMA Repeaters Currently the club operates the following repeaters. Here we show the location, the frequency, the offset direction (+ or -), and the PL tone if required: Hillsborough - 147.225+ PL:82.5; 224.260- ; 443.1375+ DMR. TV Hill -145.450- PL:82.5; 444.100+ PL:82.5. VA Hospital - 444.450+ PL:100.0. Some of the repeaters support modes that use the Internet and digital encoding for part of the path. These include IRLP, EchoLink and the DMR repeater.

Web Site The DFMA maintains a web site at DFMA.org There you can access the calendar with meeting information (including access to maps). Current information about the program and other events are available there. You can also use this site to print out a membership form if you wish to join.

rev. March 2017


July 2017 - June 2018

President Dee Ramm KU4GC
Vice President Chuck Anoia KW4KZ
Treasurer MK Ramm W4MKR
Secretary Dan Eddleman KR4UB
Repeater Manager Charlie Durst NC4CD
At Large (1yr) John Boone KM4MDR
At Large (1yr) Karen Snyder KD4YJZ
At Large (2yr) Dave Vielbaum KW4XL
At Large (2yr) Paul Robertson N2XZF
Past President (is president)
Newsletter Editor Skip Procter WB4P
Hamfest Chair Jack Hill KM4MBG
Field Day Coordinator Dave Snyder W4SAR
MCU Manager Lowell Tieszen KK4PH
ARES EC (vacant)


July 2016 - June 2017

President Dee Ramm KU4GC
Vice President Chuck Anoia KW4KZ
Treasurer MK Ramm W4MKR
Secretary Dan Eddleman KR4UB
Repeater Manager Charlie Durst NC4CD
At Large (2yr) John Boone KM4MDR
At Large (2yr) Karen Snyder KD4YJZ
At Large (1yr) Mark Sidell KR3AM
At Large (1yr) Michael North KK4EIB
Past President (is president)
Newsletter Editor Skip Procter WB4P
Hamfest Chair Jack Hill KM4MBG
Field Day Coordinator Dave Snyder W4SAR
MCU Manager Lowell Tieszen KK4PH
ARES EC (vacant)

July 2015 - June 2016

President Dee Ramm KU4GC
Vice President Karen Snyder KD4YJZ
Treasurer MK Ramm W4MKR
Secretary Dan Eddleman KR4UB
Repeater Manager Charlie Durst NC4CD
At Large (2yr) Mark Sidell KR3AM
At Large (2yr) Michael North KK4EIB
At Large (1yr) Bob Clarke W4RWC
At Large (1yr) Dan Whitehead KK4DMS
Past President (is president)
Newsletter Editor Skip Procter WB4P
Hamfest Chair (committee)
Field Day Coordinator Dave Snyder W4SAR
MCU Manager Lowell Tieszen KK4PH
ARES EC (vacant)
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The DFMA Lid

The DFMA lid is an award made monthly (with gaps) from the previous recipient to a new awardee. While calling someone a Lid in on the air is not a compliment, the DFMA award is almost always a positive call out. Occasionally it is to tease somone about an on-the-air booboo or something similar. Either way it is meant to be in fun.

Below is an attempt to get some of our historical awards on our web site. This should help people avoid giving the Lid to the same person several times in a row (or close to that) for the same thing.

2018 As reported in The Link/Meeting Minutes
1/2/18 KM4XL Dee, KU4GC for making new members feel welcome at the club meetings.
2/6/18 KU4GC → Lowell Tieszen, KK4PH: Exceptional Repeater Support
3/6/18 KK4PH → Bob, K4WCV: instituting and running 53.45mHz 107.2 Hz PL 8 PM Wednesday night net
2017 As reported in The Link/Meeting Minutes
1/17 KK4BPH → Chuck, KW4KZ for his excellent work in lining up program presentations
2/717 KW4KZ → Paul, N2XZF for his generous donation of door prizes to be given away at club meetings.
3/7/17 N2XZF→ Dave, W4SAR for his leadership and long term contribution to the Volunteer Examiner operation for many years.
4/4/17 W4SAR → Dan, KR4UB for his long term contribution as club secretary, repeater building expertise, welder, leading librarian and renaissance man.
6/6/17 KR4UB → Jack, KM4MBG for his outstanding leadership of the successful and enjoyable 2017 DurHamFest.
7/18/17 KM4MBG → Mark, KR3AM for his service on the DFMA board and for the audio/video/internet technical support he has provided at DFMA meetings to make remote presentations possible.
9/5/17 KR3AM → M.K., W4MKR for her long term volunteer support as club treasurer and for many events such as Field Day, and the Tarheel 10 Miler event.
10/3/17 W4MKR → Paul, N2XZF door prize donor extraordinaire, and for donating his excellent technical expertise to many.
11/7/17 N2XZF → David, KW4XL for his ongoing contribution of time and effort in a number of areas to DFMA.
2016 As reported in The Link/Meeting Minutes
1/5/16 W3AHL → Dewey, WA4AHR for the long term support he has provided to the DFMA and OCRA Clubs by the donation of good, used batteries. Dewey has also made his shop and expertise available to hams for projects
7/19/16 WA4AHR → Charlie, NC4CD for the long term support he has provided to the DFMA club, its repeater infrastructure, and to other clubs and members in the area.
10/4/16 NC4CD → Skip, WB4P for the outstanding job being done as DFMA The Link newsletter editor.
11/1/16 WB4P → Dee, KU4GC for his outstanding work on keeping the DFMA website current and of interest to site visitors.
12/16 KU4GC → Mike, KK4BPH for his excellent club meeting public address system support

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Lid 2007
4/2007 - 3/2012 (Taken directly from the Lid picture)
Durham FM Association
Rhett George KE4HIH April 2007
Dee Ramm KU4GC May 2007
Paul VanDoren KE4OXN June 2007
Wilson Lamb W4BOH July 2007
Mac MacAulay October 2007
Kelly Pegram W4KSP November 2007
Bill Creery KI4RAN January 2008
Rene Couch AI4WJ February 2008
Joanna George KE4QOZ March 2008
Derek Tattersall KO4T June 2008
Wilson Lamb W4BOH July 2008
Don Watt KE4UVJ Always Helpful
Randy McCray KE4UCM Oct 2009 New Durham Co EC
Ben Liddy KB4NQH December 2009
Lowell Tieszen KK4PH Dec 2010
Wayne Estabrooks KJ4GDW March 2011
Sam Tannous KJ4VWG May 2011
Meg Millard KI4LLL June 2011
Audrey Tannous-Taylor KK4CRZ Sept 2011
Steve Ahlbom W3AHL October 2011
Charles Durst NC4CD November 2011
Dee/MK Ramm Many Years of Service
Dave Snyder W4SAR March 20212 Field Day Leader

Lid 1998
5/1998 - 6/2001 (Taken directly from the Lid picture)
Durham FM Association
Retired August 2001
Dave Snyder, for running ham exams and Search&Rescue
Joe Simpson, K4SAR “For non-originality in a Vanity Callsign Suffix” presented by Dave Snyder, W4SAR - June, 1998
Joe Simpson, K4SAR, for sitting on the Lid and missing meetings: 7/98-10/98 presented by K4SAR
Don Watt, KE4UVJ, January 1999, Xmitting with antenna in trunk
Joseph Fields KF4QYY Great Job as first time Hamfest Chairman
Dave Johnson -- WA4NID -- ARES Group, 1999 Hurricane Season, Advanced preparation * supportive participation
Dave Love -- N4UBH --- Repeater Manger, for Late Nite Visits at the “Hill” May 2000
Thomas Dickens for durability testing of the HTX-202
Buddy Furr - K4UNX - Link Editor - 2000/2001
David Marable - KD4WQU - Public Service - Feb. 2001
Jim Langley - WB4YYY - Politician - April 2001
Marvin - DE4QAW & Marie Couch -- Consistent in Attendance -- 5/8/01
Joanna George For enthusiasm at the PT Table 2011

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Lid 1996
6/1996 - 9/1997+ (Taken directly from the Lid picture)
Durham FM Association
Lid of the Month
Judy Kessler KE4JRL June 1996
Dave Marable KD4WQU July 1996
Rhett George KE4HIH August 1996
Lois Draughon & Rhett George & Joy ??? Thanks for ???
Judy Furr KF4LGN December 1996
Buddy Furr K4UNC December 1996
Charlie Durst WA4WTX
Mark Wright KB2EHJ User Guide
John Fish N4SHX Humorous Autopatch May 1997
Merri Crawford KF4OAD July 1997 Commitment, Dedication, & Leadership
KD4ELL Joyce Bynum & NE4T Gaynell Collins Community, Service & Broken Bones August 1997
Larry Willoughby, W4TWZ, September 1997, Service & Leadership
Max Bloodworth KO4TV Help with antennas
Mary, Rebecca and Cindy Furr Outstanding example to young hams
Bill Hutchins KM4UO for 63 years in ham radio & all the help for younger hams

Lid 1984
2/1984 - 11/1986+ (Taken directly from the Lid picture)
KD4NJ 2/84 - Aiding a damsel /WB5KOA/ in distress
K4RUA 6/84 - For washing his HT in the dishwater
W4ZUS April 1984 Having 99 percent pure audio distortion
WA4RJS May 84 for the soap-opera on .225 off to Atlanta
KA4AVM June 84 for her super efforts to keep WB4YYY straight
KA4HGHP July 84 for always being ready to help
KB4CJR following instructions to K4RUO oth in storm
W4EL 9/84 for not having his new teeth on frequency
K4VYY for talking on 2 meters with 80 meter ant.
Jim WB4YYY the best plastic melter
WA4WTX for long hours of work to better our repeaters
KB4CJR May 85 The ne DFMA tower climber
WD4BZP June 85 for volunteering for tower party
WB4YYY past president honoring all past presidents for service to DFMA
N4NDK for losing his way home after breakfast
N4NCT - Thinking code test was Sat
WD0ALH 11/86 for getting 450 back on the air
W4ZUS from WD0ALH my name is not Lionel

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Lid 1978
2/1978 - 1/1984 (Taken directly from the Lid picture)
Durham FM Association Meritorious Service Award
WD4BBJ No DF unit when plane crashed February 1978
W4QWM Coffee Tea or / / / / June 1978
WB4DBB Mixed Doubles July 1978
WD4KNH Buying Rig from WA4KKY Aug 78
WB4NUS Two half 220 XCVRS Sept 78
WA4WTX Outstanding Achievement in Antenna Construction Oct 78
WD4MKQ Last of the big spender - 55 cents for gas Nov 78
W4BZL Left UNC game thinking defeat - UNC beat Duke 12/78
WARIKX QSO with speak & spell 1/79
WA4LXY Honeymoon at Orlando Hamfest 2/79
WA4RJS Hiden ops cupid op cbops 1050 blocked car 1hr Dec 83
KO4M Keys locked in house -spare locked in car 8/81
W4XC CQ WW Contest Champ Oct 81
Jim WB4YYY and Bill WD4HBU For work above and beyond erecting tower and beams at Kinston for NA4FU / Chip 8/10/82
KD4NJ 2 pads broke need help on patch
Lynn KD4ZB? Apparent inability to stay on f freq 10/82
Sue KA4AVM for not knowing where she was
KY4Y Dedication / Newsletter 1/11/83
WD4CXR “Volunteers” to chair Hamfest Feb 83
Woody WA4VYY for his horse trading
K5VCE For hiding computer discs from Jeffrey 1/84

Lid 1972
12/1972 - 8/1974 (Taken directly from the Lid picture)
To rest on The Hill at WR4AGC September 1974
W4BZL SOS Save our dollars Treasurer Aug 1974
W4EL Joe and xyl Becky Plain nice folks July ‘74
WB4EVM Doris Changing gears is easy June ‘74
Durham FM Association
WA4WTX 450 Autopatch December 1972
K4RSH Road building January 1973
K4CHS Auctioneer February 1973
K4AHR I. D. Economy March 1973
W4WQM Thinthesizer $$ April 1973
WB4WTP Pie a la pocketbook May 1973
WD4DBB Papermate expert June 1973
K1MGO/4 Gary Indiscriminate beer drinker July ‘73
W4EYN Allie How does this mike sound Aug 1973
WB4HGP Jim Are you around Cecil Sept 73
K4SG Bill Gourdhead Oct. 73
W4ZUS Mick Hamfest Chairman Nov 1973
W4VGZ Linda Can I have the mike now Jan 1974
WA4HBK Ed The midnight man Fev 1974
K4HUQ Malcolm Gas Line Net Mar 74
WA4VLE Russ Better weather Apr 74

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