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This page contains some links that many hams will find useful.

Net Scripts

The DFMA Thursday Night Net has been going for a long time. It meets Thursday evenings a 8pm. While it started on the 147.225 repeater in Hillsborough, it moved to the 145.450- PL82.5 in 2016 when that repeater was moved to TV Hill. More recently, the 147.225 and the 145.450 repeaters are sometimes linked toget during net time, so it may be possible to use the 225 again. All are welcome to participate in this rag-chew net. Net control operators are by Thursday of the month: 1. W4FK, 2. KR3AM, 3. KU4GC, 4. KR4UB, 5. KM4MBG (if needed) . Note that you can also participate using the EchoLink feature of the 145.450 repeater.

DFMA Thursday Night Net

The Orange County ARES/Auxcomm Training Net is a long running Saturday morning net that meets each Saturday on OCRA's 442.150+ PL131.8 repeater at 9:30am. It can be a brief "roll call" type net but often includes ARES training information provided by Orange County EC. Net controls are signed up on the air, typially the last net of the previous month.

Orange County Auxcomm Training Net

Callsign Lookup

QRZ.com is a popular website most often used for call-sign lookup. It contains vast amounts of additional ham info. Most foreign hams voluntarily register on this site. Many logging programs use info from this site for providing logging info (this requires a paid subscription). US hams are included automatically based on the FCC database. US hams usually add additional info about themselves and qsl info for the HF scene.


Area Ham Radio Info

Tadd Torburg, KA2DEW, maintains a nice website with information about Clubs, Repeaters, Nets and more for the greater Raleigh Area. Much of the info is useful in our area as well. Not surprisingly, not everything is up-to-date. Keeping it current is an almost impossible task. However it seems to be a very useful webite.


With time there should be more picture on this web site. For now, it is easier to just provide links to repositories of pictures. The ones shown below are links to Flickr accounts. There might be other formats in the future.

DFMA Flickr Account There are several albums on the DFMA's Flickr account. What follows is a link to the album list. Album titles are: FD2011-W4KZ, FD2012-KK4BPH, FD2015-KK4DMS, FD2015-KR3AM, FD2015-KR4UB, Field Day (2008-WQ8U), Field Day 2008 (KE4QOZ), The Hill-NC4CD, DFMA Repeater System-NC4CD, Resources (N4TMD).

DFMA Albums on Flickr

History of the MCU, Tanner, KB4TYE This shows some of the pictures of the MCU before purchase, during inspection, and early installation of equipment.

DFMA Mobile Communications Unit

Dee, KU4GC, Flickr Account There are very many DFMA related albums on KU4GC's Flickr account. What follows is a link to his album list. DFMA related album titles are: DFMA, DFMA Field Day 2008, DFMA History, DFMA License Class, DFMA MCU, DurHamFest 2009, DurHamFest 2010, DurHamFest 2011, DurHamFest 2012, DurHamFest 2013, DurHamFest 2016, Habitat Ride, OCRA/DFMA Field Day 2009, OCRA/DFMA Field Day 2010, OCRA/DFMA Field Day 2011, OCRA/DFMA Field Day 2012, OCRA/DFMA Field Day 2013, OCRA/DFMA Field Day 2014, OCRA/DFMA Field Day 2015, OCRA/DFMA Field Day 2016, OCRA/DFMA Field Day 2017, Touch A Truck There are a number of additional ham related albums including those related to OCRA and many personal (but public) albums.

KU4GC's Albums on Flickr

DFMA Forms

The following forms should be of use to DFMA members (and prospective members).

Membership Forms: To be used for new members and renewing members. For individual membership use the first (or "front") form. For family memberships, use second entry (which includes the "front" form for the main member and a "back" form for the additional family members living at eh same address. (This can be printed front and back or as two separate sheets)
Individual Membership form "front" PDF of Front form
Family Membership forms "front + back" PDF of Front+Back forms

Administrative: The following form can be turned in to the treasurer to be reimbursed for expenses. Note, all expenses must be approved by the DFMA Board before purchase. In other words, you are purchasing something as an agent of the DFMA.
Reimbursement form PDF of Reimbursement form

The following forms should be of use to the DFMA Treasurer only.

Treasurer form PDF of Expenditure form
Deposit form PDF of Deposit form
PayPal Record form PDF of PayPal Record form