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Why to Join and Becoming a Member

Join the DFMA. Be part of this great organization that supports and celebrates this wonderful hobby. You will help support the repeater infrastructure that the club operates. You will be part of a friendly group. You will be able to go to interesting meetings, get advice from other hams, give advice to other hams (that makes you feel good), and also have a chance to provide some public service. Other membership benefits include an annual Directory and Repeater Guide. A monthly newsletter, The Link, is also emailed to all members.

Dues are currently only $12 a year. This amounts to $1 per month. Additional family members living with you can join at $6 a year or $0.50 per month.

To join you must fill out one of our membership forms, sign it, and either mail it in or come to a meeting to turn it in. You can download membership forms by clicking below.

Press for Inivdual Membership Form     Press for Family Membership Forms

Free New Ham Membership

New hams can receive a free membership which expires at the first anniversary of licensing. To "claim" this membership, you need to attend a meeting (or participate in some other DFMA activity) and fill out the membership form.

Renewing/Extending your Membership

You can renew your membership by filling out the membership form and mailing it or bringing it to a meeting. You may renew for any number of months but there is a $10 minimum dues payment. So, if you happend to have a $20 bill, you could extend your membership by 20 months. When filling out the form for renewal, you need not fill in the fields that have not changed.

You may also renew using PayPal (see further down the page.) If you do use PayPal, make sure you update your membership information if anything has changed. This will allow us to keep the annual Directory current. (You can see if your dues are current by checking the list at the bottom of this page.)

DFMA Membership Renewal via PayPal

Not for New Membership!

Renew your DFMA membership; Primary Members $12 per year

Additional family members living at the same address $6 per year

Choose the Applicable Membership Type
Available choices in the PayPal Shopping Cart below are:
  • One Primary DFMA Membership    - $12.00
  • Primary + 1 Family Membership  - $18.00
  • Primary + 2 Family Memberships - $24.00
  • Primary + 3 Family Memberships - $30.00
Membership Type
  • Select membership type, click "Add to Cart"
  • Review your membership order, then click on:
    • "Check Out" to pay with your credit card
    • "Check out with PayPal" to use PayPal account.

Lastest DFMA Dues Status